Walk in Love

Be ye therefore followers of God, as most dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us…

The purpose of this website is to share with others, the knowledge, experience and insights that I have gained in my life.

I have a passion to show how God’s order is all about love – every bit of it. Once love is lost, everything is lost. God is love. Love is the heart and soul of religion. And, I hope to show how everything we do can and should bring us closer to God and increase our Love. There is no need to stray from the God in order to live a good and happy life. Our good God, has given us so many good things! A life that is lived according to God’s order of Love and in pursuit of His will is a beautiful, good and productive life that leads to eternal salvation.

Nowadays most people are either slaves to money, fame, and fashion or they are lost in hopelessness. I hope to show the way to a better lifestyle; one that makes the most of the good things of today, without discarding the good things of yesterday. Nowadays, it seems there's nothing really good and godly to do! But, in reality there are plenty of good things to do; you will find plenty of ideas here!

Besides the general subject of Love, there are pages on: Faith:, Traditional Catholicism (the religion of Love) vs. other religions; Modernism and the New “Mass” (Novus Ordo); Catholic music, shrines and art; as well as natural health, landscaping and a unique style of mini-farming that combines beauty, utility, and efficiency.

I hope to open a whole new world to those who are weary, unhappy, uneasy, and unsatisfied with the the path they are on.

About Me

I am a single, Traditional Catholic woman. I have been Traditional Catholic  since I was  four years old. I was home-schooled and country-raised. So, my life-experiences have been different from most. I was taught not to interest myself in useless things - no celebrities - only the saints!  So, I've acquired a good bit of useful knowledge and experience, which is what I hope to share.

I have researched health and nutrition heavily. After many years of experimentation, I finally found a diet that give me great health, and I suppose it might do the same for others! My greatest success would be that I have cured myself of asthma that once controlled my life. Naturally, the emphasis of my research is on histamine issues.

I live in the country and grow/produce a lot of my own food; I have goats, chickens, ducks, bees, a dog, and fruit trees etc. I grew up in Indiana, and have lived in S. Florida for 13 years, so I have experience with both temperate and subtropical gardening. Besides food gardening, landscaping and ornamental gardens have an important place - the beauty of God's creation is uplifting.

Religious art, making shrines, etc. have always been a part of my life. I also do polymer clay sculpture. I hope to have some of things of this type available for sale on this site in the near future.

Catholic music is important to me – especially authentic Gregorian chant. I also play the organ.

And last, but not least, prisoners are the central focus of my life. I had been disappointed by seeing many grow up in the Faith, only to give it up for the world. When the “children of the kingdom” refuse to come, our Lord says to “Go ye into the highways and hedges and make them come in....” So, I started seeking souls in our forsaken prisons. I found hungry souls with willing hearts. To see such lost and desperate people transform into docile children of God is a wonderful thing to witness.... They get most of my time.

Contact me at schmitt4545@yahoo.com

"Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."




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