I grew up around bees, and I do have a few top bar hives, and I have gotten honey from them. However, I do not have sufficient personal experience working with bees to speak with authority yet. They have their place in this plan/system though, so I’m going to give a link the a good natural bee-keeping site.  Bush top bar hives


Mini Farming

Mini-farming gives you top-quality food, exercise in the sunshine and fresh air, a good lifestyle, and food security while saving...


FRESH, RAW, PASTURED GOAT MILK! is a near-perfect food; with it's wealth of nutrients, is truly a super-food and nutrition...
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Goats are the backbone of this mini-farm system. Goats give you fantastic milk, meat, and fertilizer for your fruit trees....

Growing Fruit

Here on the mini-farmstead we successfully grow bananas,  citrus,  pineapples, star fruit,  avocados,  loquats, Cattley guava, capulin (strawberry tree), mulberries,...