You move to Golden Gate Estates from up north, anticipating a lush tropical landscape just like you see in Naples….and you happily go shopping, plant everything up, and sure enough, it looks gorgeous. Then instead of flourishing, some mysteriously just sit there and decline – the nematodes have set to work…. other plants are drowning and/or getting fungus from the rain-forest like climate…. others are turning a sickly yellow from the savagely alkaline soil and water…. Then the frost comes and burns it all… and if that didn’t happen, then Spring comes, not with April showers, but a full-on desert climate. The result is a landscape you’re place looks better without. So, oftentimes it just gets pulled out and he grass mowed. Newcomers think our neighbors here in Golden Gate Estates are just too utilitarian and not interested in landscapes. That’s not the case at all, I suspect most have tried and finally just given up. I know this because I was that disappointed newcomer 16 years ago. However, after many tries and experiments we succeeded in a unique collection of plants and a specific arrangement that makes a beautiful garden and landscape possible right here in Golden Gate Estates. Not only beautiful, but highly practical, which is how we like it here!


Besides a beautiful, practical landscape and/gardens, we can also add some fruit producing trees and plants – bananas, loquats, Cattley guavas, pineapple and more can be worked into the landscape. Or, if you’re interested, you could go full-scale Mini-Farmstead! Click here for more information https://lacetmelfarms.com/lac-et-mel-farms/







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Goats are the backbone of this mini-farm system. Goats give you fantastic milk, meat, and fertilizer for your fruit trees....


FRESH, RAW, PASTURED GOAT MILK! is a near-perfect food; with it's wealth of nutrients, is truly a super-food and nutrition...

Growing Fruit

Here on the mini-farmstead we successfully grow bananas,  citrus,  pineapples, star fruit,  avocados,  loquats, Cattley guava, capulin (strawberry tree), mulberries,...

Mini Farming

Mini-farming gives you top-quality food, exercise in the sunshine and fresh air, a good lifestyle, and food security while saving...